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Anonymous asked:

Is either 1) Colossal Stone Monuments of Markawasi Marcahuasi or 2) the RESERVA PAISAJISTICA NOR YAUYOS-COCHAS something that a Lima tour guide could drive us to, and give commentary to two of us? IF so, what kind of entrance fees would we expect? Are both equally good?

Hi there! both are in Lima but is a 1night 2days tour, exist some regular departures from Lima center with tour guide and a itinerary complete, you must like the adventure because is a trekking and camp, the night its cold, sometimes -10 c° or less, but the day is always sunny (21 c°). You will need some stuffs to go there like a good camp of high mountain, sleeping bag (200gr min), trek shoes, and well.. everything you think can be good for this adventure. The cost for each of them can be over the 160 - 250 soles (60 - 90 USD) by person. For me the best is Nor Yauyos, there is a Huancaya and a mountain treck but is “THE TREK” and the most cloudy night and have an amazing river too with a incredible panoramic view. Yeah, sorry, i like a lot, thats why i have a tour operator, to live all this adventures and share with friends and customers. Usually is a weekend tour so, if you want take some one this must be anticipated because always have people who wants go there and its just a minibus. I hope i have been helpfull for you, if you have more questions send me and i will try to answer you soon as possible. Have a nice day!

PD: Sorry about my english LOL

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